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Car Rental Crete Heraklion with Car Hellas

A visit to Greece’s largest island would be incomplete without renting a cheap car hire in Heraklion to explore Crete’s multifaceted capital city and surrounding beauty.

Situated centrally in the northern coast of the island, the fascinating city of Heraklion balances between the old and the new. In ancient times, the city served as the major port of the city of Knossos, the home of Europe’s oldest civilisation, the Minoans. Today, its modernised version contrasts with its vast history, particular its Venetian influence. This is because Heraklion had been occupied by the Venetians a well as the Byzantines, Moors and Ottomans, each of which has left their imprint on the city.

While some attractions can be explored on foot, you would need to rent a car in Heraklion to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Heraklion and the greater island of Crete.

Places to Visit with your Heraklion Car Rental

There are numerous places to visit with your car rental in Heraklion Crete. The port town of Heraklion is steeped in history, featuring several significant sights such as:

• Discover the Venetian Walls and Loggia

Travel back in time to the Venetian occupation and marvel at the magnificent architecture that marked 16th-century Heraklion. Testaments to that era include the four-kilometre fortification system known as the Venetian Walls, and the elegant Venetian Loggia, where Heraklion’s nobility would meet and discuss political matters. Both are located in the centre of Heraklion city and can be accessed by car rental Crete Heraklion.

• Visit Heraklion Archaeological Museum

There is no better place to dive into the past than Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum, located in the city centre not too far from the Venetian Loggia. Exhibits include the life-sized Prince of Lilies, Snake Goddess figurines, Knossos’ Bull’s Head Rhyton, and the mysterious Phaistos Disc. If you visit during off-peak season, you will get 50% discount on entry.

• Explore Koules Fortress with Heraklion Car Hire

Another hallmark of Venetian times is the Koules Fortress, located at the mouth of the Venetian Harbour which is accessible by foot but also by car rental in Heraklion to a point. Built by the Venetians in the 16th century, the building is made of nearly nine-meter thick exterior walls – it’s no wonder this island-like fort has stood the test of time! Climb to the fort’s upper level for a panoramic view of the entire harbour.

• Drive to Ammoudara Beach with your Amoudara Car Rental

Hire a car in Heraklion and make for Ammoudara Beach, a long sandy beach that attracts thousands of visitors yearly. There’s something for everyone at this beach: Relax on luxurious café sunbeds, try out the wide range of water sports, or party the night away at the local beach bars. This Heraklion beach is also a suburb, located just one kilometre west of the city centre.

• Visit Knossos Palace

Just a stone’s throw from the city of Heraklion, the Bronze Age city of Knossos can be accessed by car within 15 minutes. The Knossos site was inhabited for over 9000 years, with its Palace being built in 2000BC. Kephala Hill features the labyrinthine ruins associated with the renowned Minotaur myth, as well as the palace’s Throne Room and Pillar Crypts. Simply get your cheap car hire in Heraklion and venture towards the south-east for a journey back in time!

Car Hire Crete Heraklion

Heraklion is Crete’s most popular destination. Whether you are interested in exploring the city itself or venturing to farther districts of Crete, car rental in Heraklion Crete will make your holiday much easier. By renting a car hire in Heraklion you would not only be within close proximity of one of Crete’s major ports, but you would also have easy access to the greater island.

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