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Hersonissos Car Rental

Car Rental Hersonissos by Car Hellas is the Smart Choice

Hersonissos, transliterated also as Chersonisos, is a popular coastal resort on the Greek island of Crete. Its name literally translates to the “peninsula” and it is also known as the Port of Hersonissos (Limenas Hersonissou) due to its location. This seaside town is not to be confused with the upper village of Ano Hersonissos which can be found further inland.

Hersonissos is located in the north of the island and is part of the Heraklion regional unit, with the capital city only 25km west and easily accessible through the VOAK motorway by bus, taxi, shuttle, or car hire in Hersonissos. The capital’s airport is 27km away in the same direction.

Prior to its current development, Hersonissos once served as a small harbor town for local fishermen. Today, it is bustling with waterparks, organized beaches, beach bars, cafés, taverns, and theme parks. If you choose to rent a car in Crete Hersonissos, you will enjoy comfortable and reliable travel anywhere you opt to go.

Where to Go with Hersonissos Rent a Car

Over the years, the once small port town of Hersonissos grew into a larger resort, catering to tourists from all over the world. Today, there is a wide variety of sights to explore with your car hire in Hersonissos. The most popular options include:

• Hersonissos Beaches

The beaches of northern Crete are some of the most sought-after on the entire island. The long sandy and well-organized Hersonissos Beach appeals to the kind of tourists who enjoy upbeat beaches that are full of energy and life. If you would rather get away from the larger crowds, simply take your Hersonissos car hire and tour around the cove to explore both quiet and cosmopolitan beaches like Analipsi, Kokkini Hani, Sarantaris, and Anissaras. Stalida to the east is also a short drive away and well worth a visit.

Drive Your Rent a Car Crete Hersonissos to Historical Sights

Hersonissos features historical landmarks that date back to the Minoan civilization, Roman times, and the Byzantine era. Kastri Hill features an ancient ruined wall where it is speculated, stood a sacred acropolis with a shrine devoted to the goddess Artemis. Other historical sights you can explore with your Hersonissos car hire are the nearby Minoan Palaces, the Roman Fountain and Archaeological Remains, as well as chapels and churches like Saint Paraskevi, Saint George, and Evangelismos (Church Annunciation). Museum lovers can visit the Historical Museum of Crete and the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum.

• Hersonissos Theme Parks

If you’re visiting with the family, a day trip to a theme park with your Hersonissos car rentals should not be missing from your itinerary. Labyrinth Park is a great option for learning through interactive attractions, while reptile enthusiasts can discover the animal-world wonders of Dinosauria Park and Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre. For a good splash of summertime fun, visit the nearby waterparks of Star Beach, Acqua Plus, and Water City.

• Surrounding Villages of Hersonissos

For a true taste of small village life and panoramic views of the Hersonissos area, you can take your car rental in Hersonissos to the surrounding mountainside villages. Ano Hersonissos, also known as Old Hersonissos, and only a short drive from the resort area (2km south). This little town retains its small-village character, which is quite the opposite of its “new”, coastal counterpart. The neighboring villages of Piskopiano and the romantic Koutouloufari are quite similar to Ano Hersonissos in that they both have a traditional feel to them with their picturesque streets, traditional Cretan houses, and cozy taverns.

Cheap Car Rental Hersonissos with Car Hellas Crete

A trip to the northern part of Crete would be incomplete without a visit to the fascinating resort town of Hersonissos. Simply book your cheap car rental in Hersonissos by contacting our trusted and highly-professional Car Hellas Rent a Car Hersonissos team and they will immediately get in touch to help you select the best vehicle according to your needs.