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Agia Pelagia, or Santa Pelagia, is a seaside town in the northern part of Crete, 23km northwest of the capital city of Heraklion. It is surrounded by the bay of Ligaria to the west and the bay of Mononafti to the east.

Seated at the center of a scenic amphitheatric bay, Agia Pelagia is a popular destination among local and foreign tourists who seek a resort town that is close to the city and can easily be explored within a day's trip. It also offers stunning natural views, a laid-back ambiance, and activities for all ages.

Agia Pelagia can be reached directly from the capital’s airport (25km) and the port (23km). Getting to and from Agia Pelagia is quick and convenient if you choose to rent a car in Agia Pelagia Crete. By doing so, you will also have the opportunity to explore the surrounding beaches, swooping cliffs, mountainside villages, historical sites, and areas of natural beauty.

Places to Go with Car Rental Crete Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia has seen rapid development over the years. This once-small fishing village began transforming into a place of tourist interest in the late 20th century and has now developed into a well-organized resort. Some of the things to do in Agia Pelagia, whether by foot or by Agia Pelagia car rental, include:

• Visit Historical Sites and Museums

Agia Pelagia is linked to a diverse heritage, with historical sites ranging from ancient Minoan to Venetian and Byzantine. While there, you can visit the ancient site of Apollonia in Kladistos which features the 4th-century BC Pritanion University as well as post-Minoan graves. Nearby towards the north, you can explore the Everest cave where, according to history, the icon of Agia Pelagia, Santa Marina, was found.

For those who are passionate about the arts, visiting the museum-converted house of El Greco (the artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos) in Fodele might be just the treat for you.

• Drive your Rent a Car in Agia Pelagia to the Many Churches and Monasteries

Agia Pelagia is, among other things, a destination of monastic interest. The village itself derives its name from the church of the same name which can be found in the Monastery of Sabbathians (Moni Savvathianon). Dating back to the 1600s, this monastery was built during the Venetian period and sits at a 400m altitude above the village of Rogdia, offering stunning views as far as the eye can see. Make sure to rent a car in Agia Pelagia, as the monastery is located 1km west of the village.

• Explore Stunning Beaches and Natural Beauty

While Agia Pelagia’s beachfront is both charming and leisurely, there is a multitude of sandy shores one can explore within a 5km radius on the outskirts of the village – some of which are quaintly hidden among the coves. Take advantage of Car Hellas’ affordable car hires in Agia Pelagia to explore beaches like Ligaria, Mononaftis, Made, Psaromoura Kladissos, and Fylakes.

• Try Local Cuisine and Leisure Activities

A trip to this fascinating little resort town cannot be fully experienced without sampling the local and international cuisine offered in the waterfront taverns. For those looking for more adventurous activities, Agia Pelagia serves as the perfect spot for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports. Alternatively, if you would rather relax and bask under the sun, simply pull up a sunbed on Agia Pelagia Beach and enjoy the Cretan summer warmth while sipping an ice-cold drink or even a shot of locally-made raki!

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